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Meet The Team

Gugu Mkhize

Berenice Kruger

Lyle Nielsen

Administrative Director


Projects Manager

Tristain Kirk

Nick Ames

Curtis Kruger

Marketing/Business Development Manager

Offshore Inspection & Projects Manager

Operations Director

Our personnel are trained in Rope Access and various Non-Destructive-Testing disciplines. When it is required Remistar sources and employs inspection and maintenance personnel with unique skills or experience to compliment a team as a permanent or independent contractor depending on the nature of the project and work scope.


We have a core complement of inspection staff who are permanently employed, this complement fills the more senior positions within inspection and maintenance teams. Technical management are actively involved in assessing the competency and providing guidance to all personnel. Our Quality Management System identifies and monitors KPI's for all job functions, ensuring on-going quality assessment and performance measurement of all our technical personnel.


These scores are assessed and tracked by our Human Resources Manager for our records and to assist in both selecting the best possible teams for future work scopes and identifying personnel that may need additional training or skill sets.


Remistar management take special interest in the careful screening, training and assessment of personnel before they are recruited and included as one of the team. We ensure that the personnel that are mobilized to provide the inspection and maintenance services have the relevant and required certification, training and experience for the specialised work scope requirements of our customers.


Our management are actively engaged in the assessment and monitoring of progress of all employees as per ISO 9001 quality management requirements. Depending on the location and nature of the work to be carried out, our personnel will have all or some of the following courses:


  • OPITO approved Basic Offshore Survival Training
  • UKOOA Medical fitness assessments
  • MIST awareness
  • Rope Access Training
  • Inspection Disciplines: MPI, DPI, UT, UTM, Weld Inspection
  • Occupational Health & Safety Medicals
  • ASNT / PCN Inspection training, assessment and certification