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Our News

October 2018

We're Radioactive!

Remistar is very proud to be able to offer our clients our own in house designed and manufactured(Proudly South African) Close Proximity Radiography system for work at height (Rope Access).

Conventional and traditional methods of Radiography are done either during lunch breaks or the evening when no one is around. This means that important information required by engineers and site operators are only available a day later IF the film has been developed correctly and re-shoots are not required.


Having been servicing the Petrochemical, oil and Gas sectors for over 20 years our goal has always been to offer our clients a cost saving solution to their inspection and maintenance requirements. For areas at height that require Radiography either the area will need to be scaffolded for the inspection to be done or “No Access”  and rescheduled and addressed at a later stage.


Having identified this as an issue we are now able to

1: Access previously inaccessible areas, quickly and safely using Rope Access.

2: Reduce the work zone(Barrier) from 20-30m to now 2-3m.

3: Keep Production/Work ongoing in that area.

4: Provide a digital image using our digital Film Processor or conventional if required.


The benefits of the system are not only limited to work at height but also ground based Radiography application too. Using the system in the same way is also very possible as this is also ideal for works being completed using scaffolding where welding, blasting, painting and inspection is required or being done. We are safely able to continue doing our work without disrupting any works going on and keep shooting 24/7!!


Remistar is very proud of our service offering and look forward to adding value to your asset and Bottom Line.

April 2018

1st Place Again!

Remistar is very pleased to have been awarded 1st Place for Safety in our category in the KZN region by The Federated Employers Mutual(FEM) on behalf of The Workmans Compensation Commissioner.


Gugu Mhkize proudly receives Remistar’s 1st place award at the annual awards ceremony held in Durban recently.